Adulting Academy

Welcome to Adulting Academy, a program that bridges the gap between youth and adulthood by providing essential life skills training in a dynamic and enjoyable format.


What is Adulting Academy?

Adulting Academy is a comprehensive and adaptable program, catering to participants with diverse abilities and needs, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all. We believe in personalised, participant-centred learning, ensuring that every individual can embark on their journey to independent living with confidence.

By enrolling in our program, members will join a community of like-minded individuals who share aspirations and challenges. Together, we'll explore topics ranging from financial literacy and cooking skills, to transportation, job readiness and social coaching in a variety of settings. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, members will not only understand these skills but be able to put them into practice, building a solid foundation for self-sufficiency.

Adulting Academy is more than just a course; it's a life-changing adventure that equips members with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the adult world. Join us in this transformative experience, and let Adventure Team empower you on your path to a fulfilling, independent life.

Who can benefit?

Our programs are tailored for a wide audience, particularly beneficial for youth and young adults transitioning into independence. We welcome anyone who feels they could benefit from structured guidance in managing various aspects of adult life, and also wish to dedicate time to something productive.


Our curriculum is built upon evidence-based practices and benefits from the expertise of mental health professionals while incorporating holistic insights with input from a diverse range of industries. Every teacher in this course is an expert with professional experience in their field, and we utilise support staff to facilitate learning.

Module 1: The Foundation

In The Foundation, participants embark on a journey to master essential life skills crucial for independent living. This module covers fundamental aspects of day-to-day life management, including home maintenance, mastering laundry duties, and efficient dishwashing techniques. Participants will learn how to keep their living spaces organised and welcoming, nurturing skills like effective housekeeping and caring for houseplants. Additionally, this module offers practical advice on structuring the week to balance work, leisure, and personal commitments.

Module 2: Socializing in Different Contexts

Socialising in Different Contexts focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills and social etiquette. This module guides participants through various social scenarios, teaching them how to navigate and thrive in different social environments. From understanding store etiquette and worker interactions to mastering the art of polite requests and customer service engagements, participants will gain confidence in their communication skills. This module also delves into the nuances of respectful and effective interaction in various settings, ensuring participants are well-prepared for both casual and formal social situations.

Module 3: A Comprehensive Guide to Employment

A Comprehensive Guide to Employment provides participants with vital tools and knowledge for navigating the job market. This module covers a range of employment-related topics, including job search strategies, crafting winning resumes, and preparing for interviews. Participants will learn how to present themselves professionally and effectively, both on paper and in person. Additionally, this module addresses the essentials of workplace etiquette, building positive relationships with colleagues, and conflict resolution equipping participants with a well-rounded understanding of professional dynamics.

Additional Resources

Bridging the Gap: An Employment Consultant Concierge

This specialised service is offered to individuals in navigating their employment or volunteer aspirations. With the guidance of a dedicated member from the Adulting Academy team, participants receive 1:1 consultation time, delving into their unique interests and strengths. Harnessing the extensive networks we've cultivated, and broadening the search to include all other regional connections, our goal is to guarantee that every individual locates a position that truly resonates with their passions, be it in the realm of work experience, salaried employment or help with pursuing the necessary studies.

Taking Work Home: Dedicated Support In Members Homes

As part of its commitment to comprehensive learning and practical application, Adulting Academy offers Taking Work Home, a service designed to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom and into the homes of our members. Recognising that real-life application is crucial for mastering new skills, this additional resource provides personalised mentoring and support directly in the residences of participants. Our dedicated mentors work closely with members to implement the strategies and lessons learned during their time at the Academy. From organising living spaces based on our housekeeping lessons, to sticking to weekly budgets during shopping in the community as per our financial mastery course, our mentors ensure that the transition from theory to practice is seamless and effective.

Explorers Club

Explorers Club is a dynamic program designed for youth and young adults seeking both adventure and meaningful social connections. Whether experienced independently or in conjunction with Adulting Academy, this program offers participants the chance to engage with their community and bond with peers two days a week. Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries guarantee exciting activities that not only entertain but also encourage personal growth and boost self-confidence.

Facilitated by experienced mentors, our small, capped group sizes ensure that participants receive appropriate attention and engagement throughout the day. We’ve reached out to innovative, active, skill-building and fun mainstream services to create a varying but consistent routine, where those who join Explorer’s Club are able to comfortably push their comfort zone by trying new things, engaging in fitness and perhaps most importantly having a fun time.

Our Timetable

This shows the five day timetable of our classes. Classes can be taken individually or as a whole to fit participants individual schedules.

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