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What is Tabletopper Labs about?

Tabletopper Labs is an Online and In-Person Tabletop Role-Playing Game Platform (O-TTRPG) which is a form of interactive storytelling and collaborative gameplay where participants assume the roles of fictional characters in a shared imaginary world. Similar to the popular Dungeons and Dragons, however Tabletopper Labs implements multiple campaigns with varying themes. Games based on popular Marvel and DC superheroes, Stars Wars, and secret agents to name a few.

Embark on an epic online tabletop role playing journey where you team up with fellow players and discover the hero within while collaboratively exploring a shared fantasy world. Designed to foster connection, confidence, and social skills. Our unique adventures are crafted by experienced Game Masters and are overseen by a Psychologist. All experience levels are welcome. 

These games are typically played around a table, but they can also be played online. O-TTRPGs involve players using their creativity, imagination, and a set of rules to navigate through a story crafted by a Game Master (GM). All of our remote players are required to have a webcam to encourage social skill development, and follow a campaign that has been designed by an experienced GM with over 10 years of experience and reviewed by a Psychologist to ensure evidence-based practice.

Who can benefit?

Studies conclude tabletop role playing games such as Adventure Team’s Fantasy Forge can be a positive way for children, adolescents and young adults to develop social skills. They summarise that tabletop role playing games provide opportunities to practice social skills in a safe and supportive environment and can help participants develop a sense of empathy and perspective-taking. If you are looking for a way to help your child or adolescent develop their social skills, Tabletopper Labs is a good option to consider.

Remote and In-Person

We offer remote and in-person opportunities for Tabletopper Labs, depending on what peoples needs and locations are.

Often we use our remote games as pathways to engaging in in-person group activities, or help participants build their self confidence for accessing the community in other contexts.

Campaigns to Choose From

Tabletopper Labs provides multiple games and campaigns to choose from, with one-off high paced games, or weeks long campaigns where members embark on fulfilling and exciting journeys.

Our aim is to reach everybodies interest, from our Dungeons and Dragons themed Fantasy Forge, to our Star Wars inspired Intergalactic Odyssey, to even mischievous and miscellaneous games such as Ultimate Honey Heist, where members play a group of bears in the midst of the biggest honey heist of their lives.

See below for our current offerings!

Fantasy Forge

Meet a fantastical realm based on the Dungeons and Dragons game. This is our foundational tabletop roleplaying game, and for good reason. D & D has captivated the world for decades, and with a new generation of players, we look to provide an immersive world utilising the same lore. Run by experience Game Masters, and like all our campaigns, overseen by and developed with a Psychologist to encourage healthy interactions and help improve confidence.

Intergalactic Odyssey

Inspired by the iconic Star Wars universe, embark on an epic journey across the galaxy, where players encounter diverse planets, unique species, and the timeless conflict between the light and dark sides of the Force. This game offers players the chance to create their own characters, from Jedi Knights to cunning smugglers, and take part in an expansive narrative that evolves with their choices.

Our experienced Game Masters guide players through this interstellar adventure, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Like all our campaigns, Intergalactic Odyssey is developed in collaboration with a Psychologist, aiming to foster positive group dynamics and enhance player confidence.

Superhero Alliance: Awakened Abilities

An action-packed tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the universes of Marvel and DC Comics. Dive into a world where superheroes and supervillains clash in epic battles, shaping the fate of cities, nations, and even entire dimensions. In this game, players have the unique opportunity to create their own superhero or villain, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of characters and stories from both Marvel and DC lore.

Guided by skilled Game Masters, participants navigate thrilling narratives, where their decisions have significant impacts on the unfolding story. The game's flexible framework allows for the creation of diverse characters with unique powers and backgrounds, from a speedster with the ability to manipulate time to a telepathic alien seeking redemption. Superhero Alliance is more than just a game; it's a creative playground that encourages teamwork, strategic thinking, and moral decision-making.

The Secret Society

A gripping tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the thrilling world of secret agents and espionage as depicted in iconic series like James Bond, Mission Impossible, and The Bourne Series. In this game, players enter a covert world of intrigue, danger, and high-stakes missions, taking on the roles of elite spies from various international agencies or independent operatives with unique skill sets and backgrounds.

The Secret Society provides a perfect blend of action, strategy, and intrigue. Players will navigate complex geopolitical landscapes, engage in clandestine operations, and confront moral dilemmas that challenge their character's loyalties and values. From high-tech gadgetry to intense hand-to-hand combat, the game captures the essence of classic spy thrillers, offering a variety of scenarios that can shift from stealthy reconnaissance missions to high-speed chases and intense confrontations.

Weekly Wonderings

An ever-changing tabletop roleplaying game experience where variety and creativity reign supreme. In this unique gaming setup, players embark on a new adventure every week, each time delving into a different world and scenario. From whimsical to serious, from fantasy to sci-fi, "Weekly Wonderings" offers an endless array of possibilities, catering to all tastes and interests.

One of the standout adventures in "Weekly Wonderings" is the 'Ultimate Honey Heist,' where players become clever bears on a mission to pull off the most daring honey heist imaginable. This playful and lighthearted scenario combines strategy, humor, and the adorable unpredictability of being a bear with a singular, sweet objective.

Each session in "Weekly Wonderings" is crafted to be self-contained, allowing players to experience a complete and satisfying story in a single sitting. This format is perfect for those who love variety or have limited time to commit to longer campaigns. Guided by skilled Game Masters, the game ensures a seamless and engaging experience regardless of the setting.

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