What activities and pursuits will a mentor do with a participant?

The various pursuits and activities mentors would access with participants are flexible. Whether it’s a curiosity to try a pottery class, encouragement to go on new hikes, our mentors might introduce participants to their own interest such as chess, fishing or rock climbing, a participant might already engage in an activity like tennis or golf, so the mentor would help assist with this. We make sure our staff show initiative and make this process a fun discovery.

How are mentors chosen to join Adventure Team
and to work with participants?

We look for role models and high achieving individuals. We seek people of all backgrounds and passions, conventional and unconventional. We find great mentors exhibit common traits which present differently. We hire people with experience in the disability field, and who have worked closely with others, people who have passions and exhibit our Core Living Principles in their own lives. They are extensions of our ethos, so we are intensive in making we select the right individuals, who are adaptable and can work with members of the community from all different demographics.

What processes are in place to ensure mentors are
fulfilling their roles and what is Adventure Team’s involvement?

We regularly check in participants and their families. We understand not everyone wants to have regular phone calls, so emails and texts are utilized, and optional accountability surveys so our participants can let us know how our mentors are doing, as well as the support team in general. We want to keep ourselves accountable, and continually striving to deliver the highest quality of service. We have a team to support our mentors with combined decades of experience in the industry, with backgrounds in behaviour therapy, mental health, counselling, psychology, sports mentoring and coaching, and psychosocial recovery coaching.

Respite and STA

What activities are done on respite?

Activities done on respite are widely varying, and the amount to do is a very bag indeed. Previous activities include skiing, horse riding, cinemas, theatre shows, restaurants, day spas, hiking, board games, stand-up comedy, rock climbing, bike rides, fishing, museums and art galleries, sports games. The list goes on. It is up to our participant’s preferences, and if they’re open, we look at what’s on and working with our participants will create a fun, or relaxing, or adventurous itinerary.

Where can I go for Respite and STA?

Generally for pre-arranged respite, typical program locations within a certain radius are accessed for our Short Term Accommodation. For example participants based on Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast could access respite in any of these locations with travel provided.  With prior arrangement participants have also travelled interstate and internationally. While it might sound typical to say anywhere is possible, if it fits within budgeting and support guidelines, Adventure Team is proud to offer a flexible and personalised service to accommodate for requests.
Our mentors all use their own transport, and for longer trips the use of hire cars to negate travel costs are utilised.

Does Adventure team to STA for groups?

Adventure Team provides short term accomdations for up to groups of six currently. As we grow, and we think we can provide larger group experiences without compromising our service these numbers will grow. Typically our group respites range from two to four participants. We prioritise chemistry in groups, ensuring the pairing of like-minded individuals with similar interests and compatible personalities. Our goal is to facilitate relationship building and founding friendships with the help of skilled, personable, and capable mentors.
This is a cornerstone of our service.

What if I don’t need support all the time?

For participants who do not require or desire intensive support for Short Term Accommodation, we arrange times where support would be needed over the service. Where this is appropriate, we offer flexible pricing to reflect the reduced cost in offering this service. For more details regarding this its best to directly speak to our team.

Classes, Activities & Events

Do I have to access other services to do these?

No, our classes and activities and events are designed to be offered as singular programs, and is not dependent on accessing any of our other services.

Are events restricted to a certain age?

Adventure Team strives for chemistry within groups, and part of this comes with suitable age demographics when providing these services.
While this may not always be relevant, generally we will offer services that apply to certain age ranges, however these will be specified and clearly stated. We offer programs for children, teens, young adults, and mature aged adults.

What if I don’t see something I could be interested in?

If there is a sport, activities, hobby, or endeavour you’d like to get into, and perhaps we are not offering, get in touch and we’ll do our best to commence these. We welcome and love suggestions, and encourage ourselves and our members to pursue new and exciting interests.


Do I need to bring my own gear for camping?

Adventure Team provides all the major gear for camping, that is tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, any additional safety equipment, and adventure gear relevant to locations. However personal items such as clothes, toiletries, shoes etc. are brought by participants. If participants have their own gear, and would like to bring this along, this is absolutely fine.

Where does Adventure Team go for camps?

We utilise the surrounding hinterland for our camps, this is
including but not limited to Gold Coast Hinterland, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, North NSW Hinterland, Central Coast Hinterland. Through our extensive personal and professional experience, we are familiar with dozens of sites and make sure locations picked are suitable for attending.

Boat Trips

How many people can go on a boat trip?

Our boat trips are currently suitable for up to six individuals to ensure enjoyment and safety for all involved. While this isn’t the total capacity of the boat, we want our participants to feel comfortable and have a great experience.

How long do boat trips take?

Boat trips are a minimum of six hours and can sometimes be up to a twelve-hour day depending on location being accessed. This isn’t all boat time, but also island time, having lunch, going swimming/snorkelling, and exploring the area. We make sure to communicate length of the day for those attending, and that everyone is well hydrated and eating regularly.  


How does entrepreneurship coaching start?

Our coaching commences with a meeting with those who are interested in acquiring guidance. This is an initial intake where we go over your interests, goals, and what specific expertise you’d be interested in learning. If we are able to help, we will commence an individualised program designed to educate and help a person to learn how to run and operate a


Do you offer any health-related services?

A recent addition to our support related services is the introduction of Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching. We can provide reports necessary for reviews, as well as ongoing Psychology sessions as part of this.

How can we help?

In addition to providing a range of support services, our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist with navigating and better understanding the NDIS.

Whether you are seeking assistance with requesting a review or are wanting some assistance with your plan, our team are here to help.