Support Work & Mentoring

Support work and mentoring is one of Adventure Team's core and most diverse services.

We ensure an extensive intake process is used with an end goal of selecting mentors that are right for the participant.

We strive to build support networks, challenge participants, and introduce new, exciting and educational experiences.

We focus on the discovery of active passions, developing healthy routines and bettering relationships.


Outdoor Therapy

Hiking is therapeutic for every person, big or small, and while getting out into nature and exercise are obvious benefits, there are numerous valuable lessons, and Adventure Team utilises this with our clientele.

All of our staff have extensive knowledge of local terrain, and therefore can assess the suitability of certain hikes for varying fitness levels. We ensure a personalised approach to the fundamental enjoyment of experiencing nature. Teaching about local flora, fauna and wild life, as well as instilling both instinctual and conscious navigational skills.

Personal Fitness

While for a lot of people diet is a hard thing to control, something Adventure Team does, is help our clients find their active passions. This can be as simple as going for walks or taking boxing classes. It could be swimming, diving, cycling, weightlifting, bowling, rock climbing. The possibilities are endless, and our staff’s patience and encouragement is always provide. We have seen tremendous success stories in our clients and as a result, we’ve helped in achieving not only fun and enjoyment, but assisted with health, longevity,  and overall mood improvement. This means a happier and well functioning home environment, which really goes a long way in making a families life easier.

About Town

Navigating busy streets, clustered transport timetables and remembering to pay correctly can be a challenging task, especially when anxiety comes into play. So for our clients, it’s important that during our time with them, we ensure they have the necessary knowledge to get about town safely. Depending on their age, this might be for cases of emergency or for helping facilitate a productive lifestyle. Whether that be meeting friends, pursuing hobbies, or getting to work. This is fundamental, and ties into our belief in the importance of gaining familiarity with our surroundings, whether that be a plain old jungle, or a concrete one. Gaining knowledge of navigation helps ease anxiety, increase independence and holds immensely positive results for the short and long term future. 

About The House

If getting active outdoors and getting out of the house is Yang, functioning inside the home and finding harmony within is Yin. Laundry routines, cleaning dishes after use, making beds—very commonly overlooked, but encourages essential organisational skills which translate to other tasks. While Adventure Team might emphasise importance on outdoor and active endeavours, improving functionality at home is foundational to all of these things and improving home life is a form of respite in itself. Not only this, we also understand that gaming is a way for others to connect and be equal, but a moderation and a healthy balance is something we encourage and strive for in those we work with.

Companionship and Guidance

It’s not all about getting out there and being on the go, for a lot of our clients having a person they can look up to, outside of family can mean an awful lot and help harbour major personal growth. We’ve worked with dozens of people with disabilities, of different ages and genders, and what we found consistent was that their expectations and needs were all unique. Having a person to model off, or seek advice, or participate in their passions with- it builds a bond and contributes to well being, security and happiness. Adventure Team does not take this bond lightly, and through our methods of accountability and regular self evaluations, we make sure that we are doing our absolute best, and looking out for our clients best interests.

'Adventure Team have been working with Euan for the last 3 years, in that time Euan has really grown in all aspects...he has been surfing, diving, sky-diving and they’ve even supported him on an overseas trip...he’s gained so much confidence...he’s reached potentials that I didn’t think he’s reach and I would highly recommend them'


‘The team has been absolutely life changing for our family...Socially, the team have been absolutely remarkable in moving our son forward. He has participated in weekends, social outings-he has learnt how to navigate different social situations with a lot more confidence. His safety and wellbeing is always first though...They look after him like a family member. They are always working to improve his mental, social and physical health and meet any new needs that may come up. We are absolutely thrilled with this team and I can’t recommend them enough. They are brilliant’


'Hi, my name is Elle, my son Logan - I found Adventure Team to be the perfect fit for him...he started off with a really knowledgable carer, who took him under his wing...Logan was in his early teens then (4 years ago), it was pretty hard going but we got through it together. The Adventure Team covers everything I want them to with him growing...very proud of the team, and very proud of Logan as well. I really can’t say how good they are, they are just the best. ...Kudos to Adventure Team, I was a very lucky girl to get onto them.'