The NDIS, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme is run by the National Disability Insurance Agency. The NDIS is for eligible Australians who were born with, or have acquired a permanent and significant disability. As each person living with a disability has different needs, your NDIS funding is there to provide you with the supports you need, helping you work towards your goals. There are three types of support budgets that may be funded in your NDIS plan; Core, Capacity & Capital.

Core Support

Your core budget is the most flexible, generally permitting movement of funding between the four Core support categories:


-Assistance with Daily Activity

-Assistance with Social and Community Participation


Capital Support

Capital Support funding focuses on supports such as assistive technology or modifications to your home. Funding in this budget cannot be used to fund other items. Capital Support funding is comprised of two support categories:

-Assistive Technology

-Home Modifications

Capacity Building

The Capacity Building budget is allocated in alignment with goals in your plan, however you won’t be able to move funding between categories. Categories include:

-Choice and Control

-Home Living

-Daily Activity

-Lifelong Learning



-Health and Wellbeing

-Social & Community Participation

How can we help?

In addition to providing a range of suppport services, our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist with navigating and better understanding the NDIS.

Whether you are seeking assistance with requesting a review or having trouble finding reliable therapy supports, support coordinators, or plan managers; our team have formed strong professional relationships with reliable and hard working allied health practices. We are here to help in any way we can.