Respite & STA

We live in a beautiful environment, every beach has its own nuances, subtle intricate changes in the ocean's colour, textures of sand, the break of the waves. Every hinterland waterfall a different voluminous stream, uniquely reverberating its constant motion. Each mountain peak revealing varying landscapes, offering sunsets of innumerable hues and energies. No one is the same. The common denominator: this is what our respite is about! 

The love of the world, the connection to pure experience. It may sound over the top, but in our experience, embracing these aspects help our participants unwind, offer insight into themselves and their own personal identity. On our overnights, our carefully chosen mentors facilitate the individual's desired time away.

Though going outside your comfort zone, doesn't always mean sacrificing comfort. Adventure isn't always, camping in the wilderness. New experiences can be had inside four walls and a roof. Some times to relax in a safe cosy place outside your usual routine is enough to recharge into life.

Previously participants' respite adventures have included hot air ballooning, sky diving, attending the Opera, popular musicals, a three hour day spa treatment, a float tank experience, theme parks, zoo's, restaurants, horse riding, go-karting, gardening and more. 

Whether its intensive support while on respite that one is after, someone to accompany out and about, we can provide options to choose from or cater to individual requests from people of all ages, genders and interests, which includes choice of preferred accomodation and demographic of mentor. 


Our Dedicated Respite Spaces


We are proud to have a respite house located in Teneriffe. Guests have multiple living areas to relax in, enabling privacy when required, away from our
live-in mentors.

Walking distance to beautiful parks, gardens, the river city walk,
 restaurants, Palace St. Cinema and more. In a quiet residential street— this location suits participants looking to have independence at times, and those looking to unwind without much worry of