Explorers Club

Group Activities in the community adhering to a routine schedule.


What is Explorers Club?

Explorers Club is a dynamic program designed for youth and young adults seeking both adventure and meaningful social connections. Whether experienced independently or in conjunction with our Adulting Academy, this program offers participants the chance to engage with their community and bond with peers two days a week. Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries guarantee exciting activities that not only entertain but also encourage personal growth and boost self-confidence. Facilitated by experienced mentors, our small, capped group sizes ensure that participants receive appropriate attention and engagement throughout the day.

Who can benefit?

Our programs are tailored for a wide audience, particularly beneficial for youth and young adults transitioning into independence. We welcome anyone who feels they could benefit from structured guidance in managing various aspects of adult life, and also wish to dedicate time to something productive.

Where does Explorers Club go?

We’ve reached out to innovative, active, skill-building and fun mainstream services to create a varying but consistent routine, where those who join Explorer’s Club are able to comfortably push their comfort zone by trying new things, engaging in fitness and perhaps most importantly having a fun time.

Tennis lessons, to sessions at the climbing gym, outdoor park activities and cooking classes. We aim to provide unique, but consistent activities that help build skills, encourage social interaction and bring fulfilment to peoples lives.

Participants gather at the Adulting Academy venue before embarking on the day’s explorations. This creates a comfortable and familiar meeting point where friendships can flourish, allowing participants to support and connect with one another. Customized schedules involving Explorer’s Club, Adulting Academy classes and its add-on services are able to be arranged, to allow flexibility and adhere to mantra of ‘choice-and-control.’

What days of the week?

These will be every Tuesday and Thursday running from 9am to 3pm and will include a variety of activities that are on a rotating roster.

Our Timetable

This shows the two day timetable of our classes. Classes can be taken individually or as a whole to fit participants individual schedules.