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In the six months that Adventure Team, and mentor Ben have been working with my son there have been many changes to his routine. Before their involvement Edward did no regular fitness besides walking, played video games all day, and was sick regularly.  He couldn’t do a push up and absolutely hated the idea of exercise. Since starting with Adventure Team, he has become actively involved in regular Muay Thai classes, and gets coached in diving twice a week. He enjoys pushing himself physically, and is the fittest and healthiest he’s ever been.


I just wanted to let you know how happy Jake has been since coming into your care. His communication is getting so much better and his outlook so much more positive. He enjoys getting out of the house now and going for hikes in the rain forest, he's lost 8kg in 5 months since he started working out at the gym, he is learning how to run his own ebay account selling products and making extra money; the change is drastic! Thank you so much for your hard work - we are so thrilled.


Since starting with AT, Scotty has not been sick once due to the drastic improvement in his immune system from regular exercise. He has also been introduced to nature walks, public transport and experiencing Museums and galleries in Brisbane. He has developed self regulation skills in regards to time playing video games, better social skills and is more comfortable accessing the community. Without  exaggerating, the time and effort, patience and understanding that Adventure Team have put into my son has changed his life, and our families life. I couldn’t be more grateful.