The Adventure Entrepreneurship program encourages true independent living, providing access to expertise that can help you commence the journey to financial independence. Our mentors will work with you to help you grow and develop your skills and ideas to build an online business aligned with your passions and interests.

Example 1

If you are passionate about sporting goods we can assist you in building a drop shipping website where sports goods are shipped directly to the consumer from a third party.

Example 2 

If you're interested in selling toys or games we can help you setup an Ebay or Amazon account selling products that you can either post yourself or get shipped direct from the supplier. 

Example 3

If you're interested in creating / branding your very own product we can help you source a manufacturer and guide you through the process of building your very own website. 


Whether you have a specific passion or interest in mind or you would like to test the waters of entrepreneurship, our skilled mentors bring real world experience, knowledge and expertise and can meet you where you are at.