While our camps come under STA and Respite, the obvious difference in experience means that having our camping trips as a sub heading just wouldn't do.

Some of our founders' experience originates from Outdoor Education in North America, taking groups into the wilderness, and participating in activities such as kayaking, climbing, map navigation, fire building, archery, among others. These communities built in North America, the sense of belonging to a home away from home and their rich history is an aspect that has not yet taken hold in Australia, and something we hope to prosper. 

While we work towards this goal, we are facilitating small groups, as well as 1:1 camping trips to the various national parks in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. 

We provide the gear, provisions and the know-how to ensure an enriched experience, with acknowledgement to the indigenous culture of our first nations people, we make sure education is a part of our camping trips. Connecting to the wilderness, learning about Australia's history, gaining insight into ourselves away from hustle and bustle, that is the intention of our camping trips. 

Enquire for more details about destinations and itineraries!